“Bliss” for me would be serving as a blogging consultant for fair trade groups that need product distribution here in the US, specifically ones that aide women out of the sex industry.

I have a passion for seeing women reach their potential and be all they are created to be. Women who are in the sex industry whether by force or choice, have so much to offer the world as individuals-much more than the “service” they offer. Most women ache to be freed from the sex industry, but have little or no job skills to rely on to have income to make ends meets.

Blissdom would provide the network, ideas, possibly the resources to go out on my own, and develop a consulting business for women like this to have a voice. Blissdom would provide so much for an entreprenuer looking to represent those women who are free from the sex industry and need distribution for the proucts they make. I have so much to learn about the best way to utilize blogging in this capacity.

These women (and their families) need an advocate. Providing distribution and marketing for former sex slaves, allows them to reach their potenial and model that lifestyle for the generations that follow.

Success to me means more companies and ministries able to hire more women for sustainable income, away from the sex industry. Working as a consultant on their behalf to serve as a voice and local contact for the world to hear their plight and participate in their freedom. Giving them training and resources to better their ministries and businesses for long term growth and sustainability.

My passion for women to reach their full potential would be real Blissdom, in my world, and in the lives of thousands of others.


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