Eleven days and no blogging! What???! Not intentional, just been on vacation w my hubbie and getting ready for that tine prior to that. So what have you missed these 11days? It seems million thoughts. A synopsis:

Haiti: there are no words in my soul for the sufffering of the Haitian people. I have held my kids longer, smiled at my husband more. We just do not know how blessed we are.

24: as the season began last week, my husband and I found ourselves sucked into the vortex of the infamous show again. The interesting facet about this thought, is that this “date night” for us gives us something to talk about besides work and kids.

Avatar: we saw this movie in 3D at the IMAX at Universal Studios last week. While I initially felt drug into the movie, it actually was quite interesting. I felt it a mix of Dances with Wolves, the Passion of the Christ, and The Last of the Mohicans. The technology was amazing and 3D is really fun. I did relish the limited previews, as they could only show 3D previews.

Friendships: I was reminded of the richness of friendships this week and the blessing they are from Christ. I was honored to be a part of 20+ women who laughed, craft, and shared stories/ prayer requests, and shopped-well-some shopped! Some dropped and took naps. How lovely!

Motherhood: after time away from my kids for 4 1/2 days, I returned more in awe and love of them than before. Time does make the heart grow fonder.

Parenting: I find myself overwhelmed by what all these women I spent time with are doing with their kids to raise them in the Lord. Date nights, spouse lists, curfews, verses, homeschooling, Bible study, tv, movies, oh my. I felt and still feel inadequate. I haven’t read enough, that’s for sure.

Government: while being raised overseas and only being 31 automatically sets you behind some, I was quite unprepared for all I didn’t know or understand about the huge win for Scott Brown in MA. Still learning a lot about that one.

Well, synopsis or no, cinderella’s clock is about to chime. More later!

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